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Global Network
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  • MAS 타이틀
  • MAS Co., Ltd. aims to provide high quality products and professional solutions to medical material industry by realizing safe human medical science through the convergence and harmonization of medical & material technology.

  • 회사소개 타이틀
  • Established in 2011, MAS Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in securing continuous technology in the biodegradable polymer-based product business and earning customer satisfaction and trust with a constant attitude of ceaselessly challenging.

  • 연구개발 타이틀
  • Research Institute & R&D VisionThe Research Institute of MAS Co., Ltd. is researching and developing medical devices that utilize biodegradable polymers to manufacture products and strives to develop technologies and products by having experts and solutions in each field for R&D.

  • 글로벌네트워크 타이틀
  • MAS Co., Ltd., has a global network through its overseas distributors.

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